Classfication essay

You can create a particular paragraph for a certain category or make one body paragraph.

how to write a classification essay

Likewise, in the third body paragraph, the writer draws explicit contrasts between the Diehards and the other two types of baseball fans. And when a Sunshine Supporter boos an opposing player for tagging out a local hero, Diehards may be quietly applauding the expert moves of this "enemy" infielder.

You may start with the most common and proceed with less familiar approaches, or start with the least effective and move towards the most effective approach.

Elaborate on it more than your other categories. The former is not designed for portability.

Division and classification essay examples

Does your essay establish clear categories or can they be confused? Item 3: Acid Jazz IV. Adding such phrases to your text will help you to keep the readers focused on a specific paragraph or category and control the idea. Do not allow a different principle to pop up unexpectedly. Days are classified according to whether they are work days, weekend days, or holidays. This is not the type of assignment where you can just sit down and start writing a first draft without a clear plan of action. Here are the most popular ones: subsequently, firstly, initially, lastly, in regard to, in terms of, etc. A neuroscientist might also study the effect of specific drugs on the brain. You will want to clearly identify your subject, so explain what you are going to be categorizing. In other words, the introduction gives you the chance to prepare your readers for what is contained in the rest of the paper. Category I: Comedy. He begins with the type of fan he likes the least and ends with the one he most admires.

Have you supported categories with examples that clearly express the idea? A good writer will go on to fulfill these expectations in the body of the essay. In an ideal sense, each category ought to be supported by a similar number of examples.

Instead, write a conclusion that succinctly and persuasively restates your thesis.

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Learn How to Write a Good Classification Essay