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Williams, states that importance of divergence in the firm benefit as a part in the internationalization process. Procedures of electronic sector. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly.

The most basic one is psychological need. Learning and memory through action. As a result of its marketing communication strategies, consumers have confidence they are purchasing a quality product whether, it is a Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod or iTunes software.

The tools people have on hand to enable their creative pursuits have never been more important, the most vital being the smartphone.

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The companies that apply this type of marketing well have a distinct competitive advantage that distances them from their rivals. Most products from Apple belong to high-end products because they are high-technique products and not cheap.

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Photo by Cea. Affect In psychology, the affective system is defined as the way individuals respond to outside stimuli. It is also linked with the feedback from the consumers that whether the product is being accepted in the market or not, in case if not progressing well than there is a need of modifying the promotional strategies for the product.

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The iPhone and Consumer Behavior by Julie LaPerch on Prezi