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They used an Israeli commercial spying company to find out what apps users downloaded and how they used them. A study shows that the number of teens experiencing severe anxiety with social media a leading cause is exploding.

In general, things get ugly when massive, powerful organizations fail to consider the humanity of others.

Onavo Facebook used Onavo to conduct global surveys of the usage of mobile apps by customers, and apparently without their knowledge.

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Evil facebook

They used their dominant position to get App companies to fully trade their customer data in exchange for access to Facebook data. This is, it goes without saying, nowhere near as terrible as the project of the thousand-year Reich. Every data point is treated equally, irrespective of how humans experience it. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement It always starts with a rumor about strangers going around snatching children, killing cows, or something similar. No wants to be on Facebook. In the banal kind of way. Will my prediction eventually become true? Block third-party cookies Not the delicious kind please keep eating the cookies provided at actual, real life birthday parties for three year olds. By clicking here you can change how Facebook targets ads towards you. Part of the problem with The Social Network is that neither the director, David Fincher , nor the writer, Aaron Sorkin, want to admit it's about Facebook, which is somewhat maverick for a movie that is, um, about Facebook. The video has close to a million views. The video is long. Then, un-like all the random pages you most likely Liked back in , when telling Facebook you enjoy Tango Orange was of the utmost importance.

You can. A young man, MIKE, should be doing some work.

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5 (More) Reasons Facebook Is Even Worse Then We Thought