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The reports are not in depth and highlight only the key results updates. The important point to consider here is that the financial model should not be biased in any way possible.

The definition also says that the research report should provide reasonably sufficient information and the report application letter in hindi language include a recommendation.

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Now i would like cover letter with resume attached join some course which will help me research my report from here. The research report should be such that it should try to identify trends or identify value adding or destroying factors if any.

I am also pursuing CFA level 1, and will be writing Thick paper.

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Leave that to its PR firm. Charts and graphs A picture speaks thousand times than a word. Types of Equity Research Reports Initiation Reports These are the research reports written by the brokerage houses having the details about the company. Know about its accounting , its products and services, its management, its selling practices, its ability to manage its own business. My associate will give you further details. Industry overview and competitive positioning This section generally includes an overview of the industry. My questions are: What one should do to start research own Financial Research and Analysis firm? You can also use the words—outperform, underperform, neutral or accumulate based on your valuation. Investment rationale The simple meaning of investment rationale is that why the particular recommendation and the reasons for the same. As an analyst, you need to analyze the industry and the company first and then write the stock research report. Its been a 2 years since i have been working. It should also convey a clear understanding of the key drivers of revenues and expenses. Investment rationale Write clearly your investment rationale. The research report should be such that it should try to identify trends or identify value adding or destroying factors if any.

The investment rationale should be clear and crisp. At the same time remember that you are NOT writing the final study of the subject or the company. Your report is not a novel, where climax comes in the last.

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It appears the page you were looking for doesn't exist. The readers are primarily looking for ideas for directing their money. Common industry points While writing industry reports, write the points which are common for all players in the industry, for example: regulatory limitation, excise duty, oil prices, etc.

All the information needed for the same can be obtained from the company itself or through regulatory filings and industry publications. If you are confused regarding the structure during the initial stages, you may download some templates to start with.

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