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At some point, we were shooting and I asked Chris: "Ok can I see the movie now?

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Famous Composers. The horn sound in the score, described by Zimmer as "like huge foghorns over a city" became a popular feature in film trailers. This letter which was about a relationship between a father and his child, and I wrote this very fragile piece I was his assistant for a few years. I can't always repeat the same thing. Color and sound are the same to me. This interview was originally published on April 6,

And The Dark Knight was born On those days, I'd listen to 'Time — 10 Hours' all the way through. He invented a new language for Westerns, which includes charm and wit.

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Love your music Hans Zimmer, you are a legend. Purchase Live In Prague here.

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On "The Thin Red Line," we spent weeks discussing the color palette that the cinematographer, John Toll, would be using. It was a typically German, authoritarian approach. Try to keep it contained.

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Zimmer loves the challenge of matching sonic extravaganzas to eye-watering action. Finally, Zimmer took what he had written to Japan for feedback and was shocked when he was asked how he knew so much about Japanese music. For this movie, we started by talking. And that's why, in many respects, I know I can talk pictures with Hans. And we will use something like two hours. I haven't seen the movie in a while, so I can't remember. So I realized then that my fate is a dark windowless room.

Hans has. So I realized then that my fate is a dark windowless room.

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His mother was a musician and his father worked as an engineer, thereby giving young Zimmer a unique opportunity to merge music with technology and make something extraordinary out of it. But that didn't work out well. Zimmer composed the Tomorrowland Hymn for the Tomorrowland festival to celebrate its tenth anniversary in July Zimmer can be seen briefly in the Buggles' music video for the song " Video Killed the Radio Star ". So, why don't we just invent our own world music for a world that doesn't really exist? The gypsy music in the film is played by Romani virtuoso musicians. Zimmer said that he had wanted to go to South Africa to record parts of the soundtrack, but was unable to visit the country as he had a police record there "for doing 'subversive' movies" after his work on The Power of One. I also talk to the actors about how they see their characters. Contact Hans Zimmer There are few musicians with exquisite musical class and understanding, and Hans Florian Zimmer belongs to this category of living legends. And so these long pieces start appearing, and there are over-orchestrated, with too many things going on because I have the time to do it. I just throw them away. And The Dark Knight was born I always had crazy methods [laughs]. For Interstellar for example, what came first: the music, the script or the shooting? So you better think about that.
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Long Discussion With A Living Legend: Hans Zimmer